Re: Job scheduling (managing) software recommendation

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Mon Mar 07 2011 - 15:13:48 CST

> condor is great for "cycle-stealing" and you can compile

Well, the authors of condor disagree:
Myth: Condor is only good at "cycle stealing."
*Reality: Condor can effectively manage many kinds of distributed systems.*
Condor was originally designed for harnessing the unused cycles of desktop
workstations, sometimes known as "cycle stealing." However, the same system
design that works for cycle stealing is also effective for managing uniform
clusters, multiprocessor machines, and wide-area distributed

 i usually find it _much_ easier to ask for computer time
> on facilities that are already set up for that kind of task.
> Perhaps, but my boss is not in speaking terms with our local
molecular modelling department. (Actually in his defence, the our MD
department is not on speaking terms with itself and just split in to
three subgroups:)
So I don't really know where to apply for computer time, but If you suggest
a group, I'll gladly write them.
On the other hand my home built cluster is available and the new core i7
desktops are available as well and should be sufficient for my small scale
I can always give up the configuration of Condor if it proves too time

Best regards,

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