Re: ERROR: Atoms moving too fast with RBCG model

From: Jeffrey Potoff (
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 15:21:48 CST

Sometimes you need to run a few thousand steps with a small timestep
(0.1-0.5 fs) to get your system settled down before you can use a 2 fs


On 11/24/2010 11:00 AM, wrote:
> ght after namd finished startup and going to run, the error of "Atoms
> moving too fast" appeared.
> I checked the possible reasons according to the page
> and
> also some information online. .pdb and .psf file are looking good and
> there is no long bond. Boundary condition is also ok. Then I've no
> idea what I still have to check to solve this annoying problem. Could
> somebody help me out? Thanks a lot.

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