Format of namd restartfile *.coor, *.vel) (2nd try ;) )

From: henri mone (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2010 - 10:05:15 CST

Dear Namd users, beginners and experts,

I tried some time ago to ask the same question on the NAMD
mailinglist. But no one could answer it [1].
I will try to ask the same question but slightly rephrased, in the
hope to get this time an answer.

In which format are the namd restartfiles *.coor and *.vel written?
I got from a simulation the coordinate and the velocity trajectories.
I want to extract from the last frame of both trajectories the
coordiantes and the velocities to restart my trajectory.
I used the program "catdcd" (outputfile option "-otype namdbin") but
NAMD complains that it is the wrong option.
Which format should I use in catdcd?
Is there a possibility to create the namd restartfiles *.coor and
*.vel with VMD?

Thanks and waiting desperate for an answer to my question ;) ,


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