tcl script for saving .coor of each frame from dcd file

From: Madhurima Jana (
Date: Wed Sep 15 2010 - 23:51:41 CDT


I want to carry out minimization run for my system using a previously
generated .dcd file having 10 frames using NAMD. For that I incorporated the
following script inside the NAMD configuration file.

set ts 0
coorfile open dcd pro_vaccum_01.dcd
while { ![coorfile read] } {
firstTimestep 0
minimize 100
  incr ts 1

The .log file shows that the minimization is going on for all the 10 frames
of .dcd file. Now I want to save the coordinates of each minimized structure
so that it will generate 10 minimized coordinates file.

Could anyone pls help me to know how to modify the tcl script so that I can
able to save those coordinates.

Thanks in advance,

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