Re: multiplicity of dihedrals

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Thu May 27 2010 - 03:45:45 CDT

Yes. In the potential function K(1 + cos(n( - )) for the dihedral
angle, n is called the multiplicity. Look at page 101 in the namd tutorial.
As a side note: In a small number of cases two or three terms are provided
for the same dihedral angle. XPLOR/CHARMM writes multiple dihedral bonds in
to the PSF, while NAMD writes only one dihedral bond and extracts multiple
dihedral terms directly from the parameter file.


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> Hi,
> I didn't understand the term multiplicity of dihedrals. Could anyone help
> me? I
> have read the tutorials.
> Thanks in advance.
> Maria

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