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From: ipsita basu (
Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 04:26:05 CST

Dear all,

           I want to insert a protein into a lipid bilayer using vmd. I have
problems when I want to delete the lipids which are merged with the protein.
I followed the tcl script which I loaded and is attached with it. In vmd
main - Tkconsole, when I type:
 set sellip [atomselect top "resname POPC"], then an error line "there is no
top molecule in atomselect's molId "
If I change top to mem then gives error " expected integar but got "mem"Not
valid molecule id mem in atomselect's molId ".

So can you please help me to find the proper way?

Thanking You
Ipsita Basu

Ipsita Basu
Research Fellow
c/o : Dr. Chaitali Mukhopadhyay
Rajabazar Science College
92 APC Road
Kolkata - 700009

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