CatDCD installation

Date: Mon Aug 30 2010 - 11:24:04 CDT


I have a question regarding installation of CatDCD. The CatDCD installations instructions simply state to unpack the distribution package, enter the catdcd directory, and type "make." However, there is no makefile in the catdcd directory. Since CatDCD version 4.0 is compiled as part of the standard plugin builds, is it necessary to first compile the VMD plugin tree before installing CatDCD?

I realize that a similar question has been posted on the mailing list before (, but the issue didn't seem to be fully addressed at that point. Should I be following the instructions included in the VMD Plugin Programmer's Guide? Alternatively, is there somewhere where I can find more complete installation instructions for CatDCD? I am using MacOSX with version 1.8.7 of VMD and CatDCD version 4.0. Thanks for your time and concern.


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