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Date: Sat May 29 2010 - 19:25:37 CDT


I am trying to use Dowser pluggin in VMD to locate water molecules in a protein. In the Dowser website, it is written "before running Dowser execute "source
/usr/local/initial/dowserinit".This initalizes the environment variable "DOWSER" and
the Dowser executables in your "path". (The exact location of
the file dowserinit depends on the installation.)". I tried doing this. First I downloaded and untarred the Dowser package from their website and tried to source dowserinit but I got the following error.
-bash: setenv: command not found
-bash: setenv: command not found
-bash: dowserinit.txt: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `('
-bash: dowserinit.txt: line 3: `set path = ( $path $DOWSER/bin $DOWSER/bin/$DOW_MACH )'

dowserinit's content is below:
setenv DOW_MACH sgi-mips4
set path = ( $path $DOWSER/bin $DOWSER/bin/$DOW_MACH )

I am also away from my linux machine and I am connecting to it using X11 to install Dowser and to open VMD there for using Dowser with it. Because I could not think of a way installing Dowser to my laptop (a windows machine) to use it with VMD.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions...

Have a happy memorial weekend..


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