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From: Gong Xiaojing (gongxiaojing2008_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Apr 03 2010 - 21:23:39 CDT

Dear all,        I met a problem when I used MATLAB to analyse my dcd files.  There should be total 2034500 frames, I need MATLAB to read each frames. But the MATLAB only read every 500 frames. When I run the programm, there are the outputing in the begining. " h =                   fid: 3             endoffile: 3.0449e+009                  NSET: 4069                ISTART: 500                 NSAVC: 500                 NAMNF: 0                charmm: 1     charmm_extrablock: 1          charmm_4dims: 0                 DELTA: 0.0409                     N: 62354 " I notice NSETxISTART = total 2034500 frames, I guess my problem may associate with the value of "ISTART" and "NSAVC" How can I change the ISTART =1 and NSAVC=1? I will appreciate it if anybody can give me some suggestions. Best Wishes, XJ

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