about NAMD nonbonded routines

From:  (tomohiro-adachi_at_aist.go.jp)
Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 02:55:29 CST

Dear all,

Could you teach us about nonbonded routine.
I would like to know how to add new potentials to NAMD.

The potentials is like Lennard-Jones potential, so I saw some
source codes (LJTable.C, Paramteter.C, ComputeNonbondedUnit.C, etc)

but the place actually calculated by using the parameter of the
Lennard-Jones potential made a table is not understood.

I search this answer on NAMD-L mailing list, then I looked at the
following page. but, the answer seems not to have gone out yet.

Thank you,


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