colvarsInput filename problem

Date: Wed Jan 06 2010 - 19:51:43 CST

Dear all:

I found a strange behavior of the keyword "colvarsInput" in NAMD 2.7b.
Say, I specify the following line in the configure file:

colvarsInput ../lg08/output/npt_equil.restart.colvars.state.old

then, the code would actually strip of "colvars.state", and append it
at the end of the string. That said, the final effect would be like I
provided the following line:

colvarsInput ../lg08/output/npt_equil.restart.old.colvars.state

Of course, NAMD won't start because I don't have that file.

Can someone explain to me why would the code do this? Or what's the
advantage of doing this?


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