Par and Top files for BCL

From: Kovács, Sándor Ádám (
Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 12:08:08 CDT


I'm attempting to run NAMD simulations on the complete FMO trimer (PDB: 3ENI), which is part of the photosynthetic complex in many plants.
After an extensive google search, scouring of various forums, and visiting websites of groups already well-established in the area,
I have been unable to locate parameter and topology files for the bacteriochlorophyll A molecule, identified in the PDB file as "RESI BCL".

I would be grateful if anyone already has these files and is willing to share.

Meanwhile, I'll try and create ones using the parameterization tool included with VMD, and if I'm successful, I'll post it for others.


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