the recent flood of unsubscribe requests

From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sat Jun 27 2009 - 10:07:28 CDT


_please_ stop this. it is _never_ going to work. it is
just irritating to everybody else.

please read the instructions at the end of:

please note, that mailing list management is run by
a (mindless) computer, so it cannot tell whether you
are the same person unless you use the _exact_ same
mail sender address under which you are subscribed
with or else the procedure will fail.
what is not listed on the webpage above is that you
"set" the address that you want to unsubscribe.
so instead of sending just

unsubscribe namd-l

you can also send:

unsubscribe namd-l myaddress_at_mydomain.tld

please remember that this goes into the _body_ of
the e-mail, not the subject.

this is the way how the list processor for namd-l
works. others may work differently, so don't assume.
after all, we are all researchers and we should have
all learned to not assume, but to get the facts.

thanks for your consideration,

Axel Kohlmeyer
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