namd 2.7b1 on infiniband about the error : stack Traceback

From: liupeng012 (
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 00:10:32 CDT

  i hear that the namd2.7b1 is faster than before. so i want to have a try!

 1 build charm++
   ./build charm++ net-linux-x86_64 iccstatic pxshm ibverbs ifort -j16 -O2 -DCMK_OPTIMIZE
  2 build namd
    ./config Linux-x86_64-icc --charm-arch net-linux-x86_64-ibverbs-ifort-iccstatic

  3 run namd

     ./charmrun ./namd +p32 ++nodelist $nodelist $.conf > $.log

   but ,after run 60000 step. it terminated ,the error message is as follow. what is wrong?

what should i do?? recompile it ?? it seems not work!

  [10] Stack Traceback:
  [0] /hptc_cluster/NAMD/NAMD-2.7_CVS/Linux-x86_64-icc-posix/namd2 [0xa34334]
  [1] /hptc_cluster/NAMD/NAMD-2.7_CVS/Linux-x86_64-icc-posix/namd2 [0xa37514]
  [2] CcdRaiseCondition+0x1c3 [0xa505b9]
  [3] CsdScheduler+0x488 [0xa490bc]
  [4] _ZN7BackEnd4initEiPPc+0x24a [0x4e53a6]
  [5] main+0x5f [0x4dc86b]
  [6] __libc_start_main+0xf4 [0x346cc1d8b4]
  [7] _ZNSt8ios_base4InitD1Ev+0x41 [0x4d7749]



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