Make NAMD2.7b1 with cuda bug?

From: Lev Lafayette (
Date: Tue May 12 2009 - 22:48:04 CDT

Hello NAMDers,

I have just installed NAMD2.7b with cuda on our cluster. However during the install process make failed because idlepoll was not defined in src/BackEnd.C (line 135)

The install is with openmpi/1.3.2-intel and intel/11.0 compilers.

The configure command was ./config Linux-x86_64-icc --charm-arch mpi-linux-x86_64 --with-cuda

An attempt to make however results with:

src/BackEnd.C(135): error: identifier "idlepoll" is undefined.

As a dirty hack I've commented out the relevant lines in src/BackEnd.C

//#ifdef NAMD_CUDA
// if ( ! idlepoll ) {
// NAMD_die("Please add +idlepoll to command line for proper performance.");
// }

. and it seems to make just fine after this and test jobs work.


Lev Lafayette (03) 9925 4909, Systems Administrator, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
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