Re: running namd2.7 problem

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Thu May 07 2009 - 07:16:44 CDT


This isn't really a problem with NAMD. NAMD's looking for the libbproc
library on your system and cannot find it. Some possible explanations

1. Libbproc is not on your system (which I find hard to believe) or it's in
a different place than usual which NAMD can't see.

2. You downloaded the wrong binary for your system. Perhaps double check
and redownload the binary for your system. However, might be best if you
compiled and installed from source.

You may want to check where is your libbproc and make sure your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes that path.


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2009/5/7 ydhuang2727 <>
> Hi,
> The cluster architecture is i686, so i download some NAMDs on platforms
> with i686. However, another problem came out: error while loading shared
> libraries: cannot open shared
> object files: No such file or directory. What's wrong this time?
> Look forward to your answer!
> Thanks!
> Dong,
> ------------------------------
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