Error generating file.psf for cholesterol, missing coordinates in file.pdb.

From: Leonardo Herrera (
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 14:56:20 CDT

Hi NAM user’s

I look for a
solution to generate/build file.psf for the cholesterol molecule.

At the
moment, I work with a membrane where him system is cholesterol and DPPC. The
problem is the following, one when constructing the file.psf disappears the
coordinates of cholesterol molecules in the file .pdb, that is to say, psfgen
creates the file .psf and .pdb but this not complete without not coordinates

Him comment
that already pdbalias atom CHL1 for all the atoms and itself obtaining the same

Thanks in

   MenB Leonardo David Herrera Zúñiga POSGRADO EN QUÍMICA  UAMI Biofisicoquímica Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana IztapalapaTel. +52 (55) 5804 4674

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