fail to run replica exchange on more than one node

From: Linchen Gong (
Date: Wed Feb 18 2009 - 01:31:24 CST

Dear friends,

I am trying to run REMD with replica_exchange.tcl on my cluster.
However, I found the script can only run on one node (each node is
8cpu xeon 5430, the system is sun grid engine). If more than 8
replicas were included, the script on each client will stop at the
following place. The replica_exchange.tcl stops at the "wait_all"
procedure in namd_replica_server.tcl, where the "server_accept" cannot
be invoked. This is strange, because each client has established
channel with the server and has received "$server_channel". Could u
please give me some suggestion on this problem?
Thanks in advance

Linchen Gong

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