namd ubuntu-instalation

From: jose correa (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 09:23:15 CST

Dear all
I am trying to install NAMD program in ubuntu with MPICH implementation, i
am looking for manual that can help me, i followed the istructions for other
linux version, bu i can't install the program, any suggestion?.
Best wishes
J Correa-Basurto
ESM-IPN, Mexico

Ph.D. JOSE CORREA BASURTO Professor of Pharmacology, Department of
Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Escuela Superior de Medicina, Instituto
Politécnico Nacional, México. Plan de San Luis Y diaz Mirón S/N, Col. Casco
de Santo Tomas, Mexico city, México. CP: 11340. Tel/Fax; (+5255) 57296000
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