Re: NAMD on a virtual grid

From: Robert Brunner (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 15:31:09 CST

"The authenticity of host..." is produced by the ssh program, not rsh,
so charmrun is trying to run ssh, not rsh. I think rsh is just being
used in the generic sense of remote shell, not the actual rsh program.
Now maybe its not running the same ssh as the one you run from the
command line. You might try specifying a full path to ssh in the
nodelist file.

There must be something different between what charm++ is doing vs.
what your command line is doing. You might try writing a little script
to wrap around ssh, then tell charm++ to use that. Once you do that,
you could add diagnostic code, maybe "ssh -vvv" to get verbose
debugging output. Or try printing out the command line parameters
charmrun is using, then try executing those from the command line.


On Jan 26, 2009, at 2:38 PM, Benjamin Bouvier wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 20:50:13 +0100, Robert Brunner <
> > wrote:
>> Those "authenticity" messages are coming from SSH via Charm++. You
>> need to get rid of them by setting up SSH so they don't occur.
>> Depending on your system setup, you can probably do this by just
>> manually running ssh from the host node to every other node and
>> answering the questions, or by editing $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts or
>> $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts2 and adding the proper host name keys to
>> those files.
>> Try to login as user root from the command line and see if you can
>> produce those messages.
> Thanks for the suggestion Robert. But logging from the command line
> (using ssh root_at_xx.xx.xx.xx) works great, and does not trigger
> password prompts or security questions...
> Hence my fear that Charm++ might not actually be using ssh, but rsh
> (cf the output messages)...

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