syntax error in expression "(": premature end of expression - namdstats

From: CHINDEA Vlad (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 17:08:54 CST

Hi everybody
When I am trying to source script namdstats.tcl in order to export data series from the log file of my simulation I got the following error message in TK Console: "syntax error in expression "(": premature end of expression". The same thing happens when I try to source namdpstats or namddat but not when using get_energy.tcl. After I had a look at the script's code and saw that 'awk' and 'grep' are being employed I can uderstand why they wouldn't work in Windows environment. I also saw a message on the list which suggests that since namdstats is a C Shell script it shouldn't work in TKCon. Nevertheless it's described usage in the Windows tutorial suggests that it should be sourceable like any other tcl script !?
My question would be the following: Is there another version of this script available for Windows ? Or am I not doing something right ?
Many thanks and best regards
Vlad Chindea
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