Re: compiling NAMD failed on windows with Cygwin

From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 14:11:04 CST

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, accomp lin wrote:

JL> Axel:

JL> I just wish to have a convenient environment, which is windows, for

well, i personally don't consider windows a convenient
environment, be it for program development or otherwise,
but that is just me. as a consequence, however, it makes
me less eager to debug problems on windows that are
not bugs in the code but fall into the PEBCAC category.

JL> me to change the code and compile NAMD. But like you siad, It's
JL> maybe complicated and painful. I better try it just myself or switch
JL> to Linux easily. Maybe to do it on windows is really not a good

my main concern would be that you have to recreate/emulate
a unix/linux-like environment on windows anyways, so why not
go all the way? but that is basically a choice everybody has
to make based on personal preferences. an alternative worth
considering is to use virtualization, i.e. run linux in a
virtual machine (and only when you need it), for example via
VMware. this way you can have your cake (=windows) _and_ eat
it (=linux).

more importantly, if you want to modify the sources, you should
seriously consider working off the namd cvs version and try to
stay in contact with the developers, e.g. via biocore. the current
2.6 source distribution is quite old and lots of changes have
been implemented into the development tree. i doubt that there
would be a lot of people willing to help you with problems
related to the code itself.


JL> idea. So no more questions.

JL> Jiaqi.

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