Biotin-X charmm topology

From: Taekyung Kwon (
Date: Sat Nov 29 2008 - 17:13:47 CST

Dear NAMD ,

I am Taekyung who investigate conformational changes of connexin
channels at AECOM.
I use MTSEA Biotin-X reagent for my experiment, so I want to see the
structure by using NAMD first of all.
I read the message that some people using NAMD have the charmm

Is there anybody who has the file and able to send me the topology file?
If it is possible, it must be a big help to me.

Thanks for your reading.
Have a good day! :^)


Taekyung Kwon
Visiting Scientist
Department of Neuroscience
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Yeshiva University
Bronx, NY, USA

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