Re: Fwd: How can I load two forcefied at the same time

From: Leonardo Trabuco (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2008 - 11:16:34 CST

Dear Ying,

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Wang,Ying <> wrote:
> Hi, dear all,
> If I have two forcefield sets needed to be loaded at the same time, like amber 99 and glycam. How can I do?
> Thanks a lot!

What exactly do you mean by load a force field in NAMD? If you are
using Amber-style inputs in NAMD, then you don't really load the
entire parameter set. Instead, you load a single file containing the
structure information and the relevant parameters using the 'parmfile'
command. Now, if you are CHARMM-style inputs, then you can have as
many 'parameters' statements as you want, ie, you can load several
different parameter files.


Leonardo Trabuco, Ph.D. candidate
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group
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