won't launch on linux ubuntu cluster for a parallel run

From: LinJia Qi (accomplin_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 21:23:45 CDT

Hi everyone.
I was planning to run namd on a ubuntu linux cluster, but I got this error message" unrecognised command line > group main unrecognised command line > host *** "
I was using a launching command as such: ./charmrun ./namd2 +p9 50ps.conf > 1.log
my node list file was also written as excatly as the namd notes has instruct:
group main
host a
host b
host x
The nodeslist dosen't include the main node(the computer that I was operating) and I can rsh each host without a password in a shared user file directory using a shared user name. It seems that the charmrun dosen't recognise anything in the nodelist.
Is my launch syntax wrong or is my network setup incomplete ?
Someone please help!
Jia Qi Lin
Department of Engineering Mechanics
Dalian University of Technology.
RP. China

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