problem compiling NAMD2.6 in a MacOSX-PPC

From: Andrea Diaz (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2008 - 10:15:27 CDT

I have a problem compiling NAMD2.6 in a MacOSX-PPC cluster and I am
wondering if somebody can help me. I tried to follow the steps from the
NAMD2.6 Release Notes and the notes.txt file from the source NAMD2.6
directory. This is what I have done:

1. Information of my system: Darwin CAT 8.11.0 Darwin Kernel Version 8.11.0
Power Macintosh powerpc
2. I downloaded the *NAMD_2.6_MacOSX-PPC* files from
3. I downloaded and unpaked the *tcl-macosx-ppc.tar.gz* and
4. I download and unpaked the latest precompiled version of charm++ : *

*Then I tried to set up the build directory and compile NAMD but I couldn't
find the Make.charm , /arch/ folder and the ./config executable
5. After my failed intent to use the pre-compiled version of charm, I tried
to compiled by myself. I downloaded and unpacked charm-5.9.tar.gz
    I was compiling it for myranet and know *I have the xlc
compiler*instaled on this system, then I used:
        * ./build charm++ mpi-ppc-darwin xlc
--basedir/Users/Shared/mpich-gm/ -O -DCMK_OPTIMIZE=1 *
   * it give me the following error (at the end) :*
**make headerlinks
checking machine name... mpi-ppc-darwin-xlc
set C++ compiler as: xlC_r -qstaticinline
checking "whether C++ compiler works"... "no"
Cannot compile C++ programs with xlC_r -qstaticinline
 (check your charm++ version)
make[1]: *** [conv-autoconfig.h] Error 1
make: *** [headers] Error 2
Charm++ NOT BUILT. Either cd into mpi-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp and try
to resolve the problems yourself, visit

**Then, It didn't work either

*Could anybody please tell me what I am missing with the precompiled version
of charm++ in order to be able to compile NAMD
What is wrong with my compilation of Charm-5.9 ?

I appreciate any help


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