Re: Mindboggling Problem Related To NAMD2 Code

From: Peter Freddolino (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2008 - 22:16:39 CDT

If you're referring to namd code, as noted in the papers, while the
short range nonbonded interactions have been done, there are still
ongoing efforts to get as much of the rest of the computational effort
as possible into the gpu. Jim probably has a better idea when this will
be available for public release. The other two applications (coulomb
potential calculation and 4 pi microscopy) have code in the vmd plugin
tree (cionize and fmtool, respectively) and can be found in (I believe)
the 1.8.6 release or (for sure) in a cvs checkout.

Graham Jenkins wrote:
> Peter Freddolino wrote:
>> on the topic of making a GPU-accelerated version of namd, please note
>> that similar efforts are currently underway in the Schulten group (see
>> the Presentation and Publication sections at
> Umm .. I looked around the site, couldn't actually see where
> one might download anything other than a Demo. ??

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