Problems of mpi with namd 2.6

From: cong chen (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2007 - 00:53:25 CST

Dear all,
      I compiled NAMD source files on a linux cluster with mpi. For charm++, the script I used is: mpi-linux. And the pgms have been tested successfully on both 1 and 2 processors. The config was done with the command: ./config tcl fftw Linux-i686-MPI. Some files have been modified according to the notes file.
  And everything seems well. An example run has been done successfully. But the following warning message was printed out during another run:
  Warning: Non Charm++ Message Received.
  And then nothing printed out.
  I am really puzzled. The molecule number in the first run is quite small compared to the latter. By the way, all runs work well with only one processor.
  I would be grateful if someone could give me any advice.

Best Regards!
Cong Chen
Cong Chen, Ph. D. Student
Department of Energy and Power Engineering,DaLian University of Technology
Road LingGong 2#, Dalian 116024, P. R. China


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