Re: Segmentation violation when running without an internet connection

From: Robert Brunner (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2007 - 14:45:41 CST

I also have this problem, with or without a network connection. It
seems to have started when I upgraded my Powerbook G4 from 10.4 to
10.5 (along with the corresponding developers tools). It appears to be
a problem with Charm++, not NAMD itself, since the Charm++ test
programs also fail. My understanding is that the problem only occurs
on G4 macs, not Intel (not sure about G5s). I've worked some with the
Charm++ developers, letting them use my laptop for testing, but they
have not yet made much progress.

So you might want to try the test programs in the Charm directory, and
pass your message on to My solution was to switch to
a Linux PC for my testing.


On Dec 20, 2007, at 12:20 PM, wrote:

> I have compiled the net version of namd2.6 (MacOSX-ppc-c++) on my
> Apple
> powerbook G4 to do some development and testing. When connected to the
> internet, I am able to run namd by issuing the namd2 command as
> described
> in the notes.txt file for running with a single processor on a
> workstation. However without an active internet connection I get a
> segmentation violation error. I've tried running using charmrun and
> the
> options ++local, +p1, and ++debug in various combinations.
> The error messages I get are:
> - with charmrun ++debug ++local namd2 <input file>
> Charmrun> All clients connected.
> Charmrun> IP tables sent.
> Charmrun> node programs all connected
> Charm++: scheduler running in netpoll mode.
> Charmrun: error on request socket--
> Socket closed before recv.
> - with namd2 <input file>
> Charm++: standalone mode (not using charmrun)
> Charm++: scheduler running in netpoll mode.
> Segmentation fault
> - with charmrun ++local +p1 namd2 <input file>
> Charm++: scheduler running in netpoll mode.
> -------------- Processor 0 Exiting: Caught Signal ----------
> Signal: segmentation violation
> Suggestion: Try running with '++debug', or linking with '-memory
> paranoid'.
> Stack Traceback:
> [0] 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x93be7bb4 _sigtramp + 68
> Fatal error on PE 0> segmentation violation
> I would like to be able to run namd without an internet connection
> when I
> am traveling. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
> Josh

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