About para file format

From: cong chen (namd_chcwaaa_at_yahoo.com.cn)
Date: Sat Dec 01 2007 - 00:14:36 CST

Hi, all,
     I want to use a potential function with two cosine terms for the torsion energy. As far as I know, there is only one cosine term in CHARMM force field.
  It is quite difficult for me to use other force fields likes AMBER and OPLS because other molecules in my simulation box are parameterd with the CHARMM format. My question is :
  could I use CHARMM ff for two cosine terms ? And if it could, how to write the parameter file?
  If anyone could give me some advice, I would be most appreciative.

Best Regards!
Cong Chen
Cong Chen, Ph. D. Student
Department of Energy and Power Engineering,DaLian University of Technology
Road LingGong 2#, Dalian 116024, P. R. China


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