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Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 18:37:32 CST


I would like to emphasize once again that the order parameters that
we are commonly using are in fact simple mathematical constructs
aimed at expressing in a unidimensional representation a reality
that is often multidimensional. The pseudo-cylindrical symmetry of
two alpha-helices associating in a membrane appears to reduce somewhat
the configurational entropy. At the same time, in the associated state,
over the time-scales currently accessible, possibilities of visiting
all important states participating to the free energy minimum of the
native dimer through rotation and reorientation of the alpha-helices
are necessarily limited. I certainly cannot imagine why it should be
less so in the case of large, globular proteins.


jia a écrit :
> Chris,
> Thank you very much for your response. I came up with the idea of binding
> energy calculation after reading Henin and your paper. However, as Jerome
> mentioned transmembrane proteins situation reduce quite a number of degrees of
> freedom, while for the protein binding in aqueous solution, the sampling may
> not be adequate especially when the reaction coordinate is unknown. Any
> comments?
> Thanks much
> Jiancong


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