Errors during equilibration: segmentation fault and bad global exclusion count

From: Ambrish (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 01:45:05 CDT

Hi All

I am trying to equilibrate HIV protease with peptides. I have tried
configuration files similar to the examples used in Gramicin A and
Ubiquitin. However I have not been able to equilibrate the system. The error
is either

Signal: segmentation violation
Suggestion: Try running with '++debug', or linking with '-memory paranoid'.
Fatal error on PE 23 (it varies) > segmentation violation


Reason: FATAL ERROR: Bad global exclusion count!
Fatal error on PE 0 (it varies) > FATAL ERROR: Bad global exclusion count!

The errors does not occur at the same step, it varies. I have tried to
change the size but still the problem persists. I am using qsub
to submit it on my cluster.
I searched the mailing list but all the suggestions didn't work for me. I am
attaching my conf file as an attachment to this mail. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Ambrish Roy
Graduate Student
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