all atom simulations with explicit water molecules and langevin thermostat

From: Margaret S. Cheung (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2007 - 16:28:14 CDT


I thought that langevin dynamics is to approximate solvent dynamics
implicitly. In the NAMD script setting of all-atomistic simulations, the
langevin thermostat is turned on even explicit water molecules are
included. Could someone please shed light on me as I was confused by
this configuration? We ran all-atom simulations with and without
langevin thermostat and the energy distribution from both looked
different. Did user normally include langevin thermostat for all-atom
simulations with explicit water molecules? I google this question but
without much success in return. If someone has links to refer answers to
this question, please kindly let me know, too.
Thank you.
Margaret Cheung

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