rmsd_fullthrotle script problem

From: priti arora (priti0806_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 07:28:34 CDT

Hi all

I am having problems using rmsd_fullthrottle.tcl script. I have already
changed the chain ID in the script corresponding to my psf file.
This is what i am doing:

1. load psf and dcd file
2. open/source rmsd_fullthrottle.tcl in tkconsole

Error: no atomselection

I have also tried the following way:
1. load psf and dcd file
2. open tkconsole
    set sel_resid [[atomselect top "protein and alpha"] get resid]
   source rmsd_fullthrottle.tcl
   call the proc >> rmsd_residue_over_time top $sel_resid

Error: No atoms selected

I am not sure where I am making the mistake. Can anyone tell me what should
I do?

Thanks and regards,
Priti Arora
MSc in Drug Delivery
School of Pharmacy
University of London
Tel: +44 7983024922 (Mob)
       +44 2072895561  (Hm)
       +44 2077535923  (Lab)

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