load balancing question

From: Stern, Julie (jvstern_at_bnl.gov)
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 09:39:21 CDT

It appears that if someone runs against 1 cpu of a parallel job bringing that cpu's
performance down to 50% cpu for me, 50% cpu for the competing job, then all the
other cpu's in the namd parallel job go down to 50% cpu even though there are no
competing jobs against the other cpus. My local computing environment has two
clusters, one completely lacks a queueing system, and one has a queueing sytem,
but people can still log on to the nodes at will and newcomers to the environment bypass
the queueing system. Is there anyway to adjust the load balancing for NAMD so that
the other nodes/cpus aren't affected by competing jobs on one cpu, or is this just the parallelization paradigm and it load balances all the nodes to be the same? What I
would want in my environment is that one cpu can do half the work of another and
still be in the same parallel job.
Thanks for any comments.

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