Re: faulty kernel?

From: Leandro Martínez (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 12:21:24 CDT

Hi Brian,
We have tried more than one kernel version.
We have tried 2.6.16, 2.6.18 and now
we are trying with the latest 2.6.20. Now a friend
of ours (Milton Sonoda), who have a cluster somewhat
similar have instaled everything exactly the same way
they did in their cluster and we are trying again. We
have already got several of the same errors, but it
seems that adding some option to the namd run, such
as +asynciooff improve the stability of the run, but
we are not sure yet. If the problem persists after
these tests or if it is solved, I will write back the

On 6/1/07, Brian Bennion <> wrote:
> Hello Leandro
> Can you tell me what kernel version you are using on the cluster?
> Brian

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