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From: xiaojing gong (gongxiaojing1981_at_yahoo.com.cn)
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 01:42:59 CDT

     Thank you for your reply, the right type of our computer is intel core4, x86_64. there are four cpus. Maybe there is no proper choice in NAMD2.6_Source/arch

Dong Luo <us917_at_yahoo.com> 写道:
  I'm a little confused for the arch type of your
machine. Opetron means AMD while x86_64 means i686.
But it can't be both unless you have two separated
computers. Can you make sure which one is the correct

--- xiaojing gong

> Dear all,
> I want to compiling NAMD2.6 on core2 operon.
> AND I use "./build charm++ mpi-linux
> --basedir=/home/gxj77/Gcc-build
> --basedir=/home/gxj77/Mpi-build -j " to
> successfuly compile charm++,
> But I cannot make, because I don't know which
> proper choise for me in NAMD-2.6_source/arch. I have
> tried Linux-i686 and Linux-amd64. But it seems that
> there is no right choice for our core2,
> x86_64-redhat-linux. What shall I do ?
> XJ
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