Re: Simulating air with NAMD

From: Mark Abraham (
Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 19:42:12 CDT

Richard Wood wrote:
> Dear Jim and others,
> There is a reason for me to do object "in public" as I did. Mr. Abraham
> responds like this ALL the TIME, giving answers that are of absolutely
> no help to ANYONE, even to those of us that are more experienced; he
> obviously has never been a teacher. So, why does he bother to respond
> at all? He might as well just say, "go look it up in your textbook",
> when the person asking the question has no idea what to look up.
> When I was working on my Ph.D., my advisor taught us to not "reinvent
> the wheel", and that is something I agree with. If Mr. Abraham and his
> ilk were in charge, we'd yet to have cars...

This is ridiculous. I made a clear request for articulate and
constructive criticism if any was due. I get a polemical response that
is partly relevant at best. "Look it up in your textbook" is legitimate
help, particularly when articulating a more precise concept to look up.
Re-inventing the wheel has got nothing whatsoever to do with this - if
you don't know about wheels you need to read about wheels for yourself
or find someone whose job it is to teach you.

Thanks for the bad times, I'm leaving this list.


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