From: Alexandre A. Vakhrouchev (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 09:52:50 CDT

Hi! I'm trying to build NAMD on CELL BE. Using Fedora Core 6 for ppc and IBM
SDK 2.1
I checked ot NAMD sources from CVS, but I didn't find CELL arch files, which
David Kunzman means at>at
NAMD section:

Target Architecture: *Linux-Cell-g++*, *Linux-Cell-xlc* (comming soon)
*(For the rest of these notes, it is assumed that Linux-Cell-g++ is the
target architecture.)*

In *[namd2Dir]/arch/[targetArchitecture].arch*, modify *CELL_SDK_DIR* to
point to your Cell SDK directory *(this directory should be the same as what
it was for the Charm++ directions above).
*In [namd2Dir]/Make.charm, set CHARMBASE to point to your Charm++
directory (this
directory should match the location of [charmDir] in the directions for
building Charm++ above). *
Building FFTW: * * * *
 1) Get the FFTW v2.1.5 source code
tar-file<>from the FFTW
Website <>.
(original link from here <>).
2) Use the following configure command: *./configure --build=ppc
--host=i386-linux --prefix=[fftwInstallDir] --enable-float
--enable-type-prefix CC=ppu32-gcc*
*(Note: This assumes the host you are building on has an x86 compatible
processor and is running linux... otherwise, replace --host=i386-linux)*
3) Do a *make install*
4) In *[namd2Dir]/arch/Linux-Cell.fftw*, set *FFTDIR* to point to the
directory fftw was installed to (i.e. - what *[fftwInstallDir]* was set to
in step 2 of "Building FFTW" above.
*...Othewise, follow their directions...*
 * *
* *
*Building TCL: (... comming soon ...)
*Building NAMD: The configure command for Linux-Cell-g++ is ./config fftw
Linux-Cell-g++ (executed in the [namd2Dir] directory). *
*Once configured, cd into the newly created [namd2]/Linux-Cell-g++ directory
and do a make*

Are the CELL arch files in sourcecode or do I have to make them by myself?

Best regards,
Dr. Alexandre Vakhrouchev

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