top_all27_prot_na.inp and par_all27_prot_na.inp

From: Wei Liu (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 15:19:22 CDT

Dear exprienced users of NAMD,

I am a novice of MD simulation as well as NAMD. I am going to run a
simulation for a protein-DNA complex, but met a problem before starting.
According to the NAMD tutorial, two files, top_all27_prot_na.inp and
par_all27_prot_na.inp are needed. I have downloaded both toppar_c31b1.tar.gz
and toppar_c32b1.tar.gz from and
decompressed them. However, neither top_all27_prot_na.inp or
par_all27_prot_na.inp was found in all subdirectories. Anyone could tell me
where these files can be downloaded?


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