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From: xiaojing gong (gongxiaojing1981_at_yahoo.com.cn)
Date: Thu Apr 12 2007 - 09:09:58 CDT

Thank you for your email. gcc compiler v3.4.5 and lam mpi are already installed. I use "./build charm++ mpi-linux smp --incdir /usr/local/gcc/include --libdir /usr/local/gcc/lib -O". The error message is "mpicc: no such file or directory".

Gengbin Zheng <gzheng_at_ks.uiuc.edu> д

Please send the error messages so that we can take a look.


xiaojing gong wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to install NAMD on the core2 processor, I download the source
> code of NAMD_2.6_Source.tar.gz.
> When I want to build charm++, there are many errors. I don't know how
> to build charm++ on this core2 processor. gcc and LAM/MPI have already
> been installed. I use "./build charm++ mpi-linux", but I can not get
> through. I am eager to know how to solve it. I will appreciate it if
> you can help me
> Gong Xiaojing
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> עŻ-3.5G20M


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