Question about compiling NAMD

From: Jianhui Tian (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 14:44:15 CST

Hi all,

I have downloaded charm++ and installed successfully using ./build
charm++ mpi-BlueGene xlC. When I run the test, it said "you must set
the BL_HOME" environment variable. I don't know what does this mean
and continued to compile NAMD. I edited the Make.charm,
arch/BlueGeneL.fftw and arch/BlueGeneL.tcl file to pointing to the
directory of fftw and tcl I have downloaded. Then I type ./config tcl
fftw BlueGeneL-MPI-xlC, after completion I went to directory
BlueGeneL-MPI-xlC and typed make and got the error message:

-DNO_GETPWUID -I/bgl/BlueLight/ppcfloor/bglsys/include/
-DCMK_OPTIMIZE=1 -Isrc -Iinc -Iplugins/include
-I/gpfs/gpfs0/home/herceh/namd/tcl-bluegene/include -DNAMD_TCL
-DUSE_NON_CONST -I/gpfs/gpfs0/home/herceh/namd/fftw-bluegene/include
-DNAMD_PLATFORM=\"BlueGeneL-MPI\" -O3 -Q -qarch=440 -qtune=440 -qhot
-DARCH_POWERPC -o obj/AlgSeven.o -c src/AlgSeven.C
"src/Rebalancer.h", line 71.10: 1540-0836 (S) The #include file
"bgltorus.h" is not found.
make: *** [obj/AlgSeven.o] Error 1

Anyone has any hints, Thank you very much.


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