Why does lipid move out of water box

From: Nitin Bhardwaj (nbhardwaj_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 11:29:24 CST

Dear VMD/NAMD users,

    I saw that during my simulation of a sigle lipid in a water box the
lipid moves out of the box. The water box seems to divide into 8 boxes. From
the mail archive I learnt that this is a problem of the VMD graphics and if
I added more periodic boxes, the lipid molecule would appear in the water

I was just wondering why does this happen in the first place and what does
it mean. Does it mean that something is wrong with my system/parameters of
conf file? Also if I select "water within 10 of lipid", the water selected
is somewhere else in space and is no where near the lipid. Is it normal?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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