From: Matteo Masetti (matteo_at_scfarm.unibo.it)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2006 - 04:43:08 CST

Hi everybody,
I'm a new NAMD user, and I would like to perfrom some MD simulation on
bilayer systems.
My experience with these systems is limited to the united-atoms GROMOS86
force-field with the DPPC lipid, now I want to switch to the CHARMM27 AA
force-field using a more biological lipid, namely POPC or DOPC.

Has somebody performed some dynamics at 300K for POPC at full hydration?
My problem is to find reliable experimental structural parameters for
that lipid in these conditions (namely, the biological ones) to check
the quality of the simulation against.
Any trick or clue to better reproduce some data (if any - say, the
surface area per lipid) would be also appreciated.

Please forgive me if I've missed some post in the archive.

Thank you in advance.

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