residue name LIP ... !

From: Vinit Rege (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2006 - 19:52:26 CST

Hello all,

I am an aerospace engineer at Arizona State University trying to experiment
with MD techniques to get some of the fluid properties of membrane proteins
(diffusion etc). I tried simulating a system used by Dr.Heller back in 90's.
The PDB provided on contains residue
name LIP which I am not at all familiar with. (Pardon my lack of knowledge
since I am not a biochem/phy student) I was expecting POPC instead of LIP
after reading through his work, where it is mentioned that the bilayer is a
POPC. I am totally lost in making PSF file out of that PDB trying to figure
out which Topology files I should use. Can somebody help me please...?


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