Re: NAMDenergy

From: Peter Freddolino (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2006 - 17:14:42 CDT

Hi Holly,
namdenergy will act on any and all frames in the selected /molecule/. If
it looks like you're always choosing a psf file, that's because
traditionally the first step in loading a trajectory is loading a psf
file, and this sets the molecule name. Nevertheless, if you have
multiple frames loaded in the chosen molecule, all will be acted upon. I
will update the documentation to clarify this point.

Holly Freedman wrote:
> Hi NAMD help,
> I'm confused because the VMD gui for energy analysis seems to be able to
> open as input only psf files, but it looks like it's designed to analyze
> trajectories as well. Is it possible to open a trajectory file as input
> in this gui, and if so could you please tell me how?
> Thanks,
> Holly

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