Interrupted system call

From: Edelmiro Moman (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 02:21:25 CDT


I am testing my systems with a NPT MD simulation using NAMD (~60k atoms,
PBC). First, I ran a 200 ps simulation (10000 steps of minimization
first) using 12 processors (4 CPUs) of a AMD64 RH Linux cluster and it
was successfully completed. Then I tried the same configuration file
(but the with MD simulation time increased to 2 ns) in 12 processors (6
CPUs) of a DEC Tru64-Alpha system and I got the following message after
cycle 5500:

FATAL ERROR: Unable to open binary file model_TEST3_OUTPUT.restart.vel:
Interrupted system call

But, of course, the required file is still in my working directory. Is
this a NAMD error or a system error? Any ideas on that?


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