A puzzling problem about adsorption energy in solution.

From: Boyang Wang (pkuwangboyang_at_yahoo.com.cn)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 17:39:26 CDT

Hi all. I have a problem getting adsorption energy of a organic molecule to a flat material surface. It will be easy to calculate the adsorption energy, if the system is not solvated in solution.
 Now the organic molecule and the surface the molecule is adsorbed on are solvated by dichloromethane. How can I calculate the energy difference of the system, between the situation when the organic molecule is on the surface, and the situation when the organic molecule desorbs from the surface, and becomes solvated by the solvent? I don't know statistical thermodynamics well to solve this problem.
 Thanks for your time and consideration.

Boyang Wang,
Email - bwang9_at_uic.edu
Major - Phys. Chem.
dept Chemistry,
Univ Illinois, Chicago,
60607 IL US.

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