is there any maximum limt of atom numbers in VMD or NAMD?

From: youbin tu (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 23:00:41 CST

Hi all:
   When loading a membrane, which has 50318atoms. The vmd command
screen gave some error and warning message such as:

    ERROR> Residue exceeded maximum number of bonds <4>
    Warning) Unusual bond between residues 2399 and 1

    Although, it looks like the molecule is very well shown in the VMD
display window, but I still doubt whether the errors can bring
troubles to the coming simulations using NAMD?
    In fact, my NAMD simulation really broke down when I initiate an
MD simulation. So I have to trace back each step from the beginning.
    I really appreciate it if sb can give me some suggestions.


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