Help on mutation

From: Pijush Ghosh (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2006 - 01:24:19 CDT

Dear All,


 In one of my protein I have around 100 serine domains and I want to mutate
all of those with some amino acid say GLY.


The following command:

     {mutate 2 GLY}

will only mutate resid 2 to GLY. If I follow this, then I have to write 100
lines to run psfgen, which sounds very odd. Is there any other way by which
I can do this easily? Is there any option by which it can mutate the amino
acids by resname and not resid, in that case life will become lot easier.


  Looking forward for some comment and suggestion.




Pijush Ghosh

PhD Student

Department of Civil Engineering

North Dakota State University

Fargo. ND. 58105. USA





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